Why You Should Use Sunscreen SPF 50 – For skincare users, especially day cream, the term SPF is certainly familiar. Usually in skincare, the SPF level varies on the product. But do you know what the definition of SPF is. Why do dermatologists recommend using products with SPF 50 levels instead of other SPF levels? Check out this article for more details.


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Is it true that higher SPF protects better?Before discussing further about SPF, it should be understood that the sunlight that radiates to Earth contains Ultraviolet radiation. This UV radiation can be harmful to the skin. Sunlight emits UVA and UVB radiation which can make the skin dry, dull and wrinkled, and even damage the DNA layer of the skin at risk of causing skin cancer. Well, one of the protections on the skin against UV rays is to counteract it with SPF protection.SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor is a unit of measure in sunscreen to determine how long UV radiation can burn our skin. In detail the function of SPF is as follows:- Prevents uneven skin tone due to sunburn- Keeps skin moisturized- Prevents DNA damage to the skin that can cause skin cancer- Prevent sunburn by UV rays


Currently, there are various levels of SPF that are applied to each sunscreen. Examples of varieties such as SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, to SPF 100. SPF with different levels will provide different strengths of protection on the skin. For more details, let’s peel off these SPF one by one- SPF 30 will protect the skin for 300 minutes before the skin gets sunburned- SPF 50 will protect the skin for 500 minutes before the skin gets sunburned- SPF 100 will protect the skin for 1000 minutes before the skin gets sunburnedAs can be seen, the higher the SPF level, the higher the skin protection from UV rays. But why do dermatologists still recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 rather than an SPF of 100 for maximum skin protection. Read more here.


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Advantages of SPF 50SPF 50 is considered the maximum compared to other SPF levels and is most suitable for protecting the skin from UV rays. That’s because SPF 50 is able to protect 98 percent of the photons emitted from UV rays. Compared to the ability of SPF 30 protection which can only protect by 93 percent.SPF 50 protection makes it recommended for use by people of Indonesia, which is a country with a tropical climate. The tropical climate makes Indonesia have a high UV index which is at risk of harmful UV exposure throughout the year throughout Indonesia. So it is very important the role of SPF for the skin.


Comparison of SPF 50 with SPF 100Even though there is a higher SPF than SPF 50, dermatologists still recommend using SPF 50. The reason is that the effect is not much different between SPF 50 and SPF 100. In addition, dermatologists also explain that SPF 100 provides a false sense of security. makes users underestimate and lazy to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, so that sunscreen can provide maximum protection throughout the day.


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